Welcome to Crew Gifts by Dirtee Pigeons - Your Exclusive Source for Project-Centric Merchandise.

At Dirtee Pigeons, we specialise in crafting premium merchandise tailored exclusively for the dedicated teams and crews behind the creation of movies, shows, and other ambitious undertakings. Our unique platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate and commemorate your project's journey with exceptional, high-quality gear.

Explore Crew Gifts by Dirtee Pigeons today to elevate your everyday wear with thoughtfully designed merchandise that encapsulates the heart of your project.

For more info about Crew Gifts or if you wish to discuss setting up an exclusive collection for your own crew, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
  • Exclusivity Redefined

    Our Crew Gifts collection is a haven of exclusivity. We hold the the rights to produce and distribute merchandise inspired by your project, ensuring that only authorised members have access to these unique items.
  • Diverse Selection

    From sleek T-shirts that capture the essence of your creation to stylish jackets that embody the team spirit, our range of offerings is as diverse as your talents.
  • Functional Keepsakes

    We offer a range of customisable and functional items such as mugs, bags and other accessories. Whether you're sipping your morning brew or carrying essentials on set, our merchandise seamlessly blends utility with the pride of being part of something remarkable.
  • Seamless Access

    Navigating our platform is effortless. Exclusive access to Crew Gifts is granted to members actively engaged in the projects our merchandise represents. It's a seamless experience that keeps your crew connected.
  • Professional Partnerships

    Collaborating with us means more than just obtaining merchandise. It's about fostering professional partnerships. We understand the intricate details of your production and transform them into merchandise that speaks volumes about your team's dedication.
  • Global Reach

    With international shipping options, Dirtee Pigeons ensures that your crew's camaraderie isn't bound by geographical constraints. No matter where your project takes you, our merchandise keeps the unity strong.