Can I provide my own garments?

Yes however, whilst we are happy to accept your garments for embroidery and printing we cannot guarantee that your garments are suitable for such work so we will not be responsible for any damages that may occur.

The Image is pixelated, can I return it?

Unfortunately not as we print the image exactly as you provide it. If your image is not of a high quality speak to us before so we can give you an idea of how it will look but ultimately it is down to you.

Do you supply blank garments?

Yes we do. We provide a high quality range of garments for print and embroidery. We can also source items that we might not usually stock.

Can I get my physical design scanned for printing?

This is a service that we do not offer. However, we will be able to help you outsource this service.

Can you design my idea for me?

Yes at Dirtee Pigeons we have talented artists that would love the chance to bring your idea to life. However, this luxury comes at a small additional fee which varies depending on how long the artwork takes.

How do I need to prepare my artwork?

DTG printing is all digital so we can print from a range of file types but to keep things simple we ask that you provide it in the following way: 300 DPI file (For a crisp print), PNG with transparent background (If you turn the transparency off you will likely get a white box around the print) Sized to print.

What is the largest print size?

16x14 inches (approx. 40.5cm x 35.5cm)

Making an Order:

I have a deadline for my order, can you do it?

If there is a set deadline for your order just let us know and we will be happy to meet your requirements if possible.

Can I collect my order in the store?

Yes, just let us know so we can have it ready for you.

Can I print my own design?

Yes we would love to print your designs whether that is something that you want help designing or a design idea that you already have a digital copy of.

Problems with my Order:

I haven't received my order, what shall I do?

First attempt to track your order, if there is still an issue do not hesitate to contact us through our email.

Can I make changes to my design?

Before we print your design we will send a mock-up where changes can be made. But once it has been approved and printed changes to the design are not accepted.

I have an issue with what I've received. What shall I do?

If your issue is with quality we will be happy to help and discuss options, but if it is an issue with your design that isn't our mistake then it will cost to reprint.

My black t-shirt seems stained and feels weird, what's wrong?

This is most likely the pre-treat which comes out after one wash. Black garments require pretreat before printing, this allows us to provide the best possible finish.


Are the tops used true to size?

Yes, our garments are true to size on our website you will be able to access a size chart for more detail.

How many washes can I get out of a printed garment?

While there is no exact number for how many washes the print can take, DTG prints are well known for durability and keeping their quality for most of the garment's life cycle.

Do you have all types of garments available?

We have a very large range of garments which can be embroidered or printed on ( this can be dependent on the garment. We will advise what's best for you ). If something you want is not in stock we are more than happy to order them in.

Do you keep garments in stock?

Yes, we keep stock of a range of garments, but we can order a wider range for custom orders.

What is the Best Way to Wash DTG Printed T-shirts?

T-shirts with DTG prints should be washed inside out. It is best to wash your DTG printed shirts with cool to cold water and on a gentle cycle in your washing machine. DTG shirts should be hung in a shady area and left to dry, avoiding unnecessary sun damage and avoiding the use of a tumble dryer. Lastly, DTG-printed t-shirts should not be washed with fabric softener.


How can I pay?

We accept Cash, Debit/Credit Card, BACS or cheque. All orders need to be paid for upfront. Terms maybe given for customers that order from us on a regular basis.

Can I get a Quote?

We would love to help, just reach out to us through email providing as much information as possible about what you would like, then we will get back to you with a quote as quickly as possible.

Can I pay using cash instore?

Yes! In the store we take both cash and card payments.

Do you have a minimum order?

No, we are more than happy to take on all orders, however big or small.

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

There is no set price for an order of 10 or 50 t-shirts as it is very dependent on the design. We do offer discounts for bulk orders, just get in touch and we will be happy to give a quote.

Our Machines & Equipment:

What is DTG?

Direct to Garment printing (AKA DTG) is a method we use to print clothing which allows us to apply the design directly to the T-shirt rather than screen printing or using a transfer or cad-cut vinyl. DTG is a digital print method which means we can easily transfer your design from computer screen to garment and has great flexibility, we can print quantities as few as 1 garment which makes it ideal for POD & drop shipping.

Can you DTG print on everything?

Although we love DTG printing, there are some garments where it isn't possible such as hats or jackets. We offer a range of options to accommodate every garment. Vinyl printing is a great option, we would be happy to let you know what works best for you.

Is DTG better than screen printing?

When it comes to design freedom, DTG outperforms screen printing. This is because DTG can print full colour designs onto garments. Screen printing on the other hand is limited to colour designs. However, both can produce high quality prints.

What are the benefits of DTG printing?

The main advantage of DTG printing is that there are no minimum order quantities. This means that you can print just one shirt if you want to. DTG printing is also very versatile and can print full-color designs, photos, and even gradients. The colors are extremely solid and opaque. There is no need for screens or set-up fees. Design can be printed anywhere on the garment. Print quality is very high. Large batches are more cost-effective. You can print on a variety of different garment types including 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, and polyester.

What is heat transfer vinyl?

Heat transfer vinyl is a material that, when heat is applied, adheres to a surface, such as fabric, to permanently affix a design. HTV is also very versatile, you can tailor fit its colour, finish, and texture to fit whatever use you have for it. The application process involves cutting a design onto the vinyl, weeding what’s cut (removing the negative space with a tool), and placing what remains onto a t-shirt or other product. After that, just add heat once it adheres, you have a durable and decorative design.This is another great option for custom prints and bulk orders.